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Sterling Zero Chill BCAT NTD-M AtoZ 20:1 SSH



January 11, 2021

I wasn't looking for a puppy when Rhys's litter was born but I quickly realized that he was going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  His dam is a half-sister to Valor so he has the Kenny connection and his sire is a son of Sterling Paige who Valor goes back to on both sides of her pedigree.  The litter was conceived using the last of Ty's 15 year old frozen semen so this was a match that was never going to come around again.

The entire litter had temperaments just like Valor's litter, confident, squishy, happy, social puppies.  Rhys is extremely high drive, possibly the most high drive puppy I've ever had, but he balances that off by being supremely sweet and goofy.  He's a quick learner and amazingly confident.  We're having fun getting to know one another and playing around with the DMWYD trick challenges.  He completed the AtoZ challenge at 10 weeks old and the 20:1 challenge at 12 weeks. 

Rhys has matured into a wonderful boy.  He has never met a person or dog he doesn't adore. He loves to cuddle and has been the best big brother to the puppies.  Now that he's old enough we have started competing in Fast CAT and he loves it.  He earned his BCAT at his second trial.

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