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Terrasen Gift For Rhyme



August 17, 2021

Fezzik was the second puppy born in the Johnny x Valor litter.  From the very beginning everyone who saw the litter agreed he was the pick male. Unfortunately I never had anyone show any interest in him.  After advertising him in various places for a couple months and having no inquiries I decided to keep him and see how he matures.  Honestly he won my heart very early on and he is maturing into such a sweet boy.  He adores Rhys and I truly hope that they remain friends as they both mature.  I have high hopes that he will be an all around dog but for now we're just having fun getting to know one another, no pressure. I never thought I'd have a dog named Fezzik, but he is my Fezzi Wezzi baby and I just couldn't see him being called anything else.

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