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Taklimakan Ewe Caught My Eye


June 12, 2006 - April 1, 2019

What can be said about Catcher? He has the worst medical luck imaginable but the kindest soul.  Catcher was the first puppy born from Fly's litter.  He had the most stunning markings, unfortunately it was evident early on that he was very fearful. I kept him because I'd bonded with him the second he was born but also because I knew I could manage his fear and I didn't want to place that responsibility on anyone else.

Catcher started showing signs of auto immune disorders shortly after he was neutered at 20 months.  By his second birthday he had been diagnosed with Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, and Diabetes.  Interestingly the KCS cleared up on it's own once his EPI and Diabetes were under control. I explored every treatment possible and finally found a wonderful holistic vet who helped me learn to regulate Catcher's issues with supplements and diet. When I did a consult with a new vet regarding his vision loss in 2014 she couldn't believe that he was an EPI dog because he didn't show any of the typical physical symptoms.

In 2016 the first puppy from the litter died of Hemangiosarcoma.  I did ultrasounds on all 3 boys and discovered that Catcher did in fact have a mass on his spleen.  My vet and I felt that surgery was not an option so I decided to try managing it with supplements.  In July 2016 he developed aspiration pneumonia after inhaling a piece of kibble. I thought for sure that this was the end because the vets felt the damage to his esophagus had left him with laryngeal paralysis, but he bounced back with the antibiotics and was totally normal.  In the winter of 2018 he had a diabetic crisis when we discovered that his blood sugar had been spiking to over 750.  Once again I thought that this was it, but after we adjusted his insulin he started feeling better and acting like his old playful self.  

We always joke that he's a medical quandary/miracle because he shouldn't have lived past 2 years old, but has managed to make it to 12.

Catcher's fears kept him in a small bubble, there's only 4 people on the planet that he loves and will interact with.  But he is the sweetest, cuddliest, gentlest soul with those 4 people.

Catcher nearly made it to 13, just 2.5 months shy of his birthday it became clear that his body just wasn't strong enough to continue fighting itself.  He had a lovely final day hanging out with me, his favorite person skyped him to say good-bye, he got to eat all the junk food he was limited from having before, and my wonderful vet came to the house after appointments so he could pass peacefully and stress free at home in my arms.  There is no doubt that this gentle, sweet boy was the strongest fighter I will ever meet and he has left the house way too quiet.  Good-bye my Catchy poo.

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